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While in my early 20’s, I wanted to be a work-at-home Independent business owner. So I began searching while I was married with 2 children and working a full-time job. I searched and I searched, I tried just about everything from personalized photo cards, creating corporations, nutritional & beauty products, online shopping and getting paid for it. I even took classes to be a home inspector. I got my real estate license. Then became a massage therapist for 17 yrs. I really enjoyed helping people while it put food in my mouth I really had no extra cash flow or free time and barely paid my bills. I continued searching. Everything I found required a lot of inventory, booking parties and then do follow-up. I felt like I was chasing someone around looking desperate.

Then I found M.O.B.E.

From the moment I found M.O.B.E. (MY ON-LINE BUSINESS EDUCATION) I knew it was very different. Why you ask? Because I had tried so many others business models. I could see this is like none other. I tried as hard as I could to find flaws or scam information with the business model. No matter how hard I looked for a drawback, I only found more positives, this business model is TRULY like none other out there. The concept of front end sales and back end sales with high ticket items driven by internet that is a global market is a big... WOW!


Fact is the internet has changed a lot of how we do business and how we socialize and communicate. The founder and CEO, Matt Lloyd, had already done all the hard work and as I have continued to follow the 21 steps and training, I continue to see Matt’s sincere and genuine ethics and passion to help others. He didn’t have to share his empire with anyone but he was once in my shoes and his true passion for people and success for others always shows through his training and the business model he created. This is just my opinion and no guided expression. It’s not a “get rich quick scheme.”

I look at it like a way to franchise myself.
And it does not cost 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars to get started. Plus I get to decide how much time and money to start and continue on to a level of success I want for myself. Plus share with others who want the same. But ya know what?? Going to the office on the beach with a laptop isn’t so bad, it’s just the beginning of many offices to come. This is the right time and right path for me to grow in my life’s journey while I surround myself in a positive environment with people who want the same as I do.

I have always known that, “where there is a will there is a way.” That someday I would find it and be glad I went through the journey to get to this business model. The internet and digital platforms are here to stay and the world has changed because of it. I see the opportunities to grow and do the things in life I have always wanted to do. Money may not buy happiness but it sure does provide a lot more options in life.

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